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Our Massages

Make you Cuddle and Relax yourself with Massages and Beauty Treatments…


Circulatory massage of legs and abdomen with orange essential oil

Duration 25 minutes

Price 40,00 Euro

Pleasant, rhytmic massage characterized by slow and enveloping maneuvers, in order to favor cell oxygenation, strengthen the circulatory system and eliminate waste from the lymphatic system. It has firming action and makes the skin more elastic and resistent. Orange burns fat and is useful in case of bloating and cellulite.


Foot massage with essential oil of thyme or rosemary with footbath in Himalayan salt

Duration 25 minutes

Price 35,00 Euro

Great for reducing tiredness and fatigue, after a day spent perhaps standing or skiing. Relieves headaches and acts on anxiety and circulation, has a calming effect and acts on insomnia.


«Light legs»  massage with peppermint or cypress essential oil

Duration: 25 minutes 

Price 40,00 Euro

Pleasant and rhythmic massage for those with heavy legs. Facilitates drainage of toxins and reduces stress. Peppermint essential oil has a draining effect, as well as releasing muscle tension and stress.


“Jingmai” Massage

Duration: 55 minutes 

Price 70,00 Euro

It is a real treatment, with the relaxing and manual benefits that are sinuous, conscious and welcoming, developing according to the circulation of IQ, along the meridians of the body. The result is a real energy balance, which cascades into the physical plane, but is also a deep and engaging sensory experience.


Decontracting back massage

Duration 25 minutes 

Price: 40,00 Euro

An energetic massage that has the purpose of breaking back contractures, works on the cervical spine and reactivates energy along the spine.


Complete decontracting massage

Duration 55 minutes

Price 60,00 Euro

The massage consists of bringing relaxation and benefit to the painful areas and his contracted muscles to eliminate muscle spasms. Lowers pressure and restores balance, releasing endorphins, useful for the general well-being of the individual.


Anti-stress back massage

Duration 25 minutes 

Price 40,00 Euro

Non-invasive technique to recover energy, makes fabrics more elastic, allows the restoration of correct self-healing operation, especially on the back, shoulders and neck.


Complete antistress massage

Duration 55 minutes  

Price 60,00 Euro

The anti-stress massage combines oriental and western wisdom.

The goal is to lighten the load and tensions that accumulate during the day or prolonged stress, which also affect the breath.


Relaxing face massage, relaxing arms and hands

Duration 20 minutes 

Price 30,00 Euro

Relaxing massage that has anti-wrinkle, firming and relaxing properties, giving the person a fresher and more toned appearance. You will use a specific oil for the face in order to restore tone and combat free radicals on the face.


Sports legs massage

Duration 25 minutes 

Price 40,00 Euro

Energetic and fast massage, with decisive and dynamic maneuvers in order to dissolve tensions and contractures, but above all to prepare, warm up or relax the muscles. Specialized and recommended specifically as a pre-race, during the race or after the race for sportsmen. It is also aimed at those who do not do sports but feel their legs very hard.



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